Why do a Home Inspection when Selling your home....

What is the benefit for a home seller to obtain a home inspection prior to or during the listing of their home?


Because your investment will likely be paid back many times over during the transaction period. This is true because you will know ahead of time the items that may need correction. You will probably be able to negotiate a much lower rate for the cost of repairs because you will determine how and when the repairs are done if you decide to do them. Avoid the last minute demand from the buyer that all repairs be performed by licensed contractors on short notice just prior to closing. This may “kill your deal“. Having your own pre-listing inspection will probably help avoid this nightmare.


On the other hand, you may decide not to perform any repairs and allow the buyer to simply see the report and make their offer accordingly. This will reduce the chances of your home sale having problems. It may help you toward the “full disclosure” requirement and significantly reduce the possibility of a lawsuit (consult your own attorney on this issue) making the house sell faster. In either case, your home will be more attractive to potential buyers by doing a pre-listing inspection. Of course there are never any absolute guarantees in life. However, if you ask around you may never find anyone who has had a pre-listing inspection that thinks it was a waste.


Generally, it’s one of the best investments you can make as a seller.


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Home Inspections for Buying & Selling Your Home